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Student/Family Meeting
(MHS families)

  • January 4th, 2023 at 7pm in the GFPAC

  • Access the Slides here 


  • Google Classroom: used for information distribution between students and staff. Examples include:

    • Cast/Crew/Pit Application​

    • Choreography demonstration videos

    • Conflict Form Submissions

    • Students should join the Classroom at hexjfsf 

  • BAND App: used for information distribution between students, parents/guardians and staff. Examples include:​

    • Ticket Sale Information​

    • Show Shirts and Poster Orders

    • Volunteer Opportunities

    • Parents/Guardians and Students should join the BAND App by clicking this link.

  • Website: used as an initial point of contact between staff, students and families. Examples include:

    • How to sign up for the BAND App​

    • Access to the Information Night Slides

  • Social Media

  • Coming Soon!

  • View the rehearsal calendar for the production (pinch and zoom on mobile view in landscape mode to reveal bottom tabs on spreadsheet).
    Students must review this calendar with their parent/guardian weekly!

  • Tech Week/Show Week performances are MANDATORY for all cast/crew.  Avoid planning family parties, gatherings, or other events for these dates. 


  • You must be in school at least a half day in order to attend rehearsal (school policy).

  • Absence Communication

    • Absences are communicated through the Conflict Form on Google Classroom

    • Absences should be communicated at least three days in advance. Absences communicated with less notice may not be approved and you should contact Mrs. Hanisch directly. 

  • If you are not in the building due to an unexpected conflict but know that the Theatre Dept. is live streaming their rehearsal, send a text to the stage manager asking for the link to the live stream.


  • Production Forms/Agreements - Available in Google Classroom

    • Production Agreement Forms: After the rehearsals start, all members of cast, crew, and pit and their parents/guardians must sign the production agreement form to remain eligible.

    • Production Hours: All members of the cast and crew are required to put in three production hours before the first cue-2-cue rehearsal. Cast/crew members should use the production Google Classroom to sign up for their required production hours. 

  • MASD Forms/Agreements - Available at links below

    • Random Drug Testing Consent Form: All cast/crew must sign this form. Students only need to sign this form ONCE during high school. If you have signed it for a prior activity/athletic you do not need to fill it out again.

    • MHS Athletic and Activity Code: Students must adhere to this to participate in MHS Theatre Dept. productions.​

Help the Show

  • Volunteer Sign Up Genius Link

  • Do you have an item to donate or loan? Please send an email first to Mrs. Hanisch to inquire if the item can be used.

  • Please consider joining the Mukwonago Fine Arts Boosters (MFAB) to help support MHS Theatre Department productions

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