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Winter One-Act/Monologue Festival

(updated 11/30/22)

Sponsored by MHS Thespian Troupe 642

Acting Auditions/Crew Positions are open to any MHS student.

One-Act/Monologue Festival Production Calendar


Monologue Performers:

Anastasia G.
Ally O.
Lily G.

Maddie T.
Oscar K.

Isaiah C.

Erin P.

Jake C.

Niyah B.

Ava P.

Leighton J.

Victor Art.png

written by (NAME)

Student Director: Max Somers

Description: This one-act centers around a man named Victor who seems to have multiple personalities, all named Victor. His daughter, Betsy, plays along with these delusions meanwhile two journalists who simply want to talk to the man who wrote an article to their magazine, Victor. It's a wild and ridiculous story that is meant to make the audience laugh in disbelief at this man's eccentric personalities. The audience should feel compassionate towards the journalists and be left to wonder what they would do in such an unexpected scenario. There should be bright and light colors as this is a comedy. When the audience walks out of the theater they should be chuckling and be left with a lighthearted amusement.

Socks Art.png

written by Rosemary Frisino Toohey

Student Director: Zoe Eineichner

Description: “Socks”, a lighthearted comedy by Rosemary Frisino Toohey, follows the story of four characters, more like four socks, abandoned without their pair in the dryer. Each “sock” will be fitted with a costume that represents their personality, Each sock in “Socks” is so unique by not only their looks, but also the way that they go about solving their need to get out. The production will highlight each sock’s quirks while also creating cohesion when necessary The audience will get a sense of warmth and almost “Toy Story-esque'' feel when watching this piece come to life before their eyes, while also finding moments to chuckle at Toohey’s clever puns. “Socks” will remind those out there that there truly is value in the little things, and that life is always better when you “pair” it with someone you love.

Innkeeper Art.png

The Innkeeper
written by Emma Magdalene Krause

Student Director: Emma Krause

Description: The Innkeeper is a period piece drama intended to examine how humans process love and loss. Charlotte and Ida symbolize distinct reactions toward grief, with Ida repressing her feelings and making an attempt at normalcy, while Charlotte isolates herself and loses her passion for life and doing the things she loves. Vincent is a symbol of Ida's recovery, and painting represent's Charlotte's. Nell is a symbol of the gradual easing of the pain of loss, but remains a distinct character all their own. The mood of the play is initially dreary, I imagine lights in cold colors, but the mood warms as the characters begin to rediscover the things that bring them joy and find hope for the future. The audience should leave with a feeling of hopefulness for their own lives, and delight at the subtle magic of the story

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